Peter Luger Steak House Review

Peter Luger Steak House is located at 178 Broadway, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I stopped in for lunch, and wow, is that good? I give it high marks. The food is fundamental but excellent. The steak comes out on a hot plate and sizzling. It tasted great; at the end, I was getting stared down by this cute little Japanese lady; I grabbed the bone and started gnawing on it like a good American, LOL. She said something frantically to the other lady, and she looked LOL. It was worth it.

Order a slice of bacon if you’re ever in and need a nice fix before your food. It’s so fricking good. The flavor just jumps up and pops you in the mouth. You won’t regret it. The place is pricey, but it’s pretty good not a place I will freqent a lot but on occasion.

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