Diving Cozumel at Scuba Club Day 1

Diving Cozumel at Scuba Club Day 1

So this being my second trip to Mexico, this was my first time to Cozumel, and five days of diving to look forward to. We had arrived the day before at the Scuba Club Resort and did a quick dive to test weights and gear.

Diving Cozumel at Scuba Club Day 1

The dive boat leaves at 8 am, and I was at the dock at 7:30, LOL, heading out on two tank dives. Getting back in the saltwater was great, but I sucked down both tanks pretty quickly while readjusting and dealing with my dive partner. It was her first real saltwater dive. Overall the dive was bland, with nothing of note, pretty murky water.

The Food

After the dive, we got cleaned up and started into town. The day before, we got caught in the rain and stopped at a restaurant in the tourist zone; that was a mistake. So today, we ventured into town away from the cruise ships and resorts and ended up at Taqueria Diaz 100% at v. Lic. Pedro Joaquin Coldwell 150, 10 de Abril, 77600 San Miguel de Cozumel, Q.R., Mexico.

OMG this place was AMAZING, we both ate and had a drink. and the bill was $12. Needless to say we ate it alot on the trip, and hope to go back. I found the weather most agreeable, a nice 85f. The people were very nice in general, the ventors in the tourist zones are very pushy and just have to walk by and dont engage.

All in all the first day was great start.

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