Grand Bahia Principe Coba, Mexico – Diving 2022

Had a great time diving with Scuba Aquatic at Grand Bahia Principe resort in Mexico just south of Cancun. So the girlfriend planned us a 4-day trip to Mexico, and I said I have to dive for at least one day. So she got me a 2 tank dive, for Saturday.

The excursion started at 8:45 am, and I got there at 7:30ish. They supply everything you need, but I brought all my gear so I just needed weights and a tank. I was using an untested BCD and new unused fins, a reg I haven’t used since I rebuilt it. Needless to say, a few no-no’s LOL. But I had tested and checked them out beforehand and all looked to be fine, the reg was breathing 10x better than it has.

The dive team was great and very helpful. The dives went off without a hitch, everything worked great, the new BCD and Fins are amazing love them.

First Dive….

So after gearing up and heading the boat, we dove into the Turtle Reef. Saw some great turtles and stingrays. We only had me and 3 other divers with the divemaster. It was a nice and mellow smooth dive. The DM had a leaking connection to the tank. so he had so many bubbles I was worried he would run out of air before we did. I signaled him and was waved off. Later talking to the other dive he reminded me those guys use such little air LOL.

Second Dive….

The next dive was clams and crabs, not that interesting LOL. But it was a good dive and lots of fish to see. I found myself practicing for my upcoming Rescue Diver Open Water in a couple of weeks LOL. We finished the dive and headed back to the resort.

My new GoPro 10 worked great, had a few things to get used to but super happy with it. I’ll post up my gear when I get back.

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