Red Sea Dive Site Day 4 – Marsa Shagra Village

So day 4, weather is AMAZING, diving started early so I geared up and got in 2 divers coming out were the first in and said it was so clear, lucky my buddy and I are second. It started cold but once we hit about 5 ft of water it warmed up. The water was a dream, great first dive, only problem was my GoPro died, like would take a charge nothing so I had to get photos from my buddy. This gave me more time just to look and not worry about a camera, so it worked out LOL.

We did 5 dives all shore dives its nice just coming out grabbing a coke sitting for a few, then swapping tanks and heading out again. We did 3 in the morning and 2 after lunch, max depth 105ft on dive 2 but 80ft to 40ft on the others so easy peasy. LOL

After my dives I hit the front office to do my check out and Covid test, In all honesty I don’t think it was a real covid test and he had it all printed out and ready when I got to the office LOL. But I got to see the decomp chamber that was cool, they have one on site, so its nice to know it you screw up maybe they can save you. LOL

I wanted to get another dive in but I was flying the next day so left 18hrs open before flight, I got the car scheduled for the 3 hour trip to the airport, and checked out of my room since I was leaving at 630am the next morning.

Swimming with the turtle and the schools of fish are some of the best parts of the trip, learned a lot about traveling outside the US to better help me next time….. 2 months.

I will defiantly be coming back, only closer to summertime, and spend a couple of days in Cairo, a lot I want to see around town. Contact me if you have any questions on our contact page

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