Cairo in ONE day – Pyramids, Sphinx, Egyptian Museum, Bazaar

So once I landed in Cairo, I got through the 3 checkpoints and metal detectors. I found myself sitting alone in the exit terminal, then about 6 guys started sitting around talking. I thought nothing of it but then noticed they all had a little badge on their suits.

I pulled some Egyptian Pounds out of the ATM, this was nice no fees or anything. As I sat back down I noticed they all were carrying guns, sidearms, and SMGs, nice. I felt safe already…… no really I did. I found out later they were Tourism Police, they are ALL over here.


To the Hotel

I called my hotel La Passage for the shuttle and made my way to my room. I confirmed with my private tour for the next day at 8 am. I have booked it a week before, for $100 I got a private driver and tour guide to show me the sites, totally worth it.

I got dinner at one of the many restaurants at the hotel, the buffet was pretty good, I find the food here ok, but lacking real flavor, I like lots of seasoning, not here. Then off to bed where after a long flight and lack of sleep I crashed SUPER hard LOL best sleep ever.

6:30 am I got up and prepped for the day. I made my way down to breakfast, yes waffles, damn it no syrup. So I just mixed up some of everything and tried it, Not bad. 8 am rolled around and made my way outside. I waited for my driver, my guide told me he was at the gate waiting. The hotel is gated and very cautious who they let in.

So made my way down and the driver started to the Pyramids to meet the guide. So this is my first time out of the US and it’s not as weird as I had expected, but I was taken back by it. It was damn near rubble in most places but beautiful a the same time. I in no way want to drive here LOL. I think a good Egyptian driver could drive blindfolded just by being guided by the sounds of honking, it’s like they developed another sense LOL.


We made it up to the Pyramids to find the guide, he walked me through the plan. Asked if I wanted to go into one. He would have to get another ticket for that, of course, I said yes. He talked about the history and we walked around and saw them. It’s always been a dream to see then and now here I was at the base staring up at it thinking.

I thought it was bigger LOL, no but it’s massive, wasn’t far off from what I thought. Seeing the location and layout was awesome something I only ever saw in a book or on TV, I never really grasped the layout.

Going down into the great pyramid was awesome, tight fit. I hope to see more next time I’m up. We went over to the camels down the road for a camel ride and the guide. I noticed slipping money to everyone he came up to LOL I loved it. So I got my camel ride not my first time on a camel. I wasn’t that interested in but yea riding a camel at the pyramids can’t miss that.

Can I take a AK home?

After that, the driver took us down to the Sphinx, and he gave me its historical history, and I got to look around. Some Egyptian kids run up on my wanting to take my picture, they got a couple. I padded myself down to make sure everything was there. I did the touristy thing and got my pics and looked around.

The next stop was the papyrus maker….seller, they showed me how it’s made and gave me time to look around and buy. I bought the small cheap one, was pretty cool seeing how they do it.

After that, the Oil Shop, first the glass bottle maker showed how he formed glass. A young lady came out and talked to me about all the oils they have and the knock-off scents they can knock off, I bought a small jar. The building was lined with bottles and reminded me of a brothel LOL.

Come on I need a bigger drink LOL

Lunch time, we stopped at a local restaurant, for a chicken and beef kabob dish. It was pretty good, order a coke and its like 8oz so small. Im a fat American I was 16oz at least, can you give me 32 LOL. At this point I just want a pizza and a Dr Pepper.

The Egyptian Museum was amazing once we got in, once again my guide passed money from hand-to-hand LOL. He led me all over the museum telling me history and going through his script. I kept telling him I want to look as he was skipping so much and really. I was not listening to a damn thing, cause most of it I knew and the other I would forget anyways.

I loved the feel of it, everything was just laid out and all over. They have so much they pack it in, you could touch stuff, go from room to room and just keep going. I could have spent a couple days there just looking. The best past is the Tut exhibit was still here, and no photos inside the exhibit. But seeing it was so great, I was super excited. I stopped by the gift shop and got some trinkets, and we moved on to the Bazaar.

So down to see Islamic Cairo, old Mosques, and Bazaar. Walking down the bazaar is great, the guide told me to tell me what I want and he will get it for me. Got to love kickbacks LOL. Every time I would buy something he would run back after and say he is looking at something, just getting his cut LOL. But most everything I bought I got fair or good prices.

Cool Structures

As we walked, he would talk about the different buildings and history with them and show me the differences in Egyptian, roman and other things, some very beautiful sites for sure. When we finished up it was time to head to the hotel, it’s about a 40-minute drive back, and seeing the town and the Nile is just awesome.

They dropped me off and I tipped more than the tour cost me, but worth it. It was so stress-free and go to see a lot in a little amount of time. I would highly recommend it, but next time I may just hire a private driver. I won’t waste more time where I want.

Back at the hotel, well darn I need a bag for my stuff. I have managed to have only carry-on bags for the trip and now I need a checked bag to carry stuff. Lucky the hotel has little shops all over and found a nice bag to carry stuff, I have a morning flight to Marsa Alma to make.

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