Final Egypt Plans to Cairo & Marsa Shagra Village

Last year….

I got 5 nights at MARSA SHAGRA VILLAGE on the Red Sea reserved for Scuba Diving for 13 MAR – 18 MAR 2022 from Travel PADI, its a lovely Coastal diving village in the desert, with modern luxury. They have a House Reef right off shore for great diving, Im looking forward to getting out there.


Plane tickets next on the list, so spending a day in Cairo before heading down to the resort, things got a little fubar. I got the Tickets to Hurghada Intl. Airport (HRG) but then decided to hit Cairo before diving…..

I couldn’t change my tickets so I monkeyed around and ended up getting air taxi back to Cairo then back down.  So Im going KC to Newark to Germany to Cairo to HRG to Cairo. LOL not ideal but Im gonna make it work. The resort is picking me up and dropping me back off at the airport as needed.

Day in Cairo….

So I got ONE full day in Cairo, I just booked a All inclusive trip for Giza Pyramids, Egyptian Museum, Sphinx, Bazar, tours & Camel Ride. So will that they pick me up drive me around all day and I get to see what I want. And I paid extra for a private tour, I don’t like crowds.

I hope it works out as advertised, it get good reviews. I think the only reason I have the hotel is just a spot for my bags and maybe a couple hours of sleep LOL.  I didn’t want to do a tour but with my time so restrained and I have never been there I figured give it a try.  I booked on Tripadvisor.


So my Covid test is schedualled 3 days before I leave. I hope no problem emerge LOL. To fly into Egypt you need to have a PCR test with QR Code, unless you have a Vax Card with QR Code and US does not.

Apply for VISA

90 days out you can apply for a visa with Egypt, its easy and cost $25 for a single entry. I submitted my application and it came back a week later, approved. I applied at all online have your passport and travel dates ready and a clear pic of your passport.

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