Egypt 2022 Cairo & Marsa Shagra Village Red Sea Diving Safari Review


So I decided to book a tour guide for my one day in Cairo so I could see a lot and not get lost. I used Tripadvisor and found a private tour called All inclusive trip Giza Pyramids,Egyptian Museum,Sphinx,Bazar,Camel Ride,Lunch for $100 it was great.

I have privately driven around with my tour guide. The driver picked me up at the hotel and took me to the guide at the Pyramides, and from the guide just called them when needed. The guide was very easy-going and knowledgeable. They dropped me off at my hotel at the end of the day.

Egyptian Museum

The hotel La Passage was great, they shuttled me from and to the airport. They have multiple restaurants on-site, I only ait at the buffet, it was good but a little bland, and I found all the food in Egypt. I like flavor and spice and very little was found the whole trip. The staff was great and very accommodating.

Marsa Shagra Village – Red Sea Diving Safari

The resort is so nice, I flew into Marsa Alam Int Airport, and got shuttled down to the resort, check-in I went to my room. I had reserved a Hut, so Hut 1 was mine, I didn’t want to do the tents, and I’m so glad I didn’t. The weather did not work well for me on the trip as I lost 2 of my 4 days diving to winds and cold.

The hut was great very clean and nice, with 2 beds and I used the blanket off the other bed due to the cold, I hate cold. The rooms have power and a fan but no heat or AC. They also have shared bathrooms in the building behind, nice locking showers, and toilettes with lots of room.

Hut 1

The food was good no real complaints, other than very bland, I like my flavor and spices. They always had a good selection of food other than breakfast it never changed. I was craving pancakes or waffles the whole time but the hotel and resort, no maple syrup LOL. I had mint tea with every meal and maybe a coke or 2, and always water.

In all I was very happy and would love to go back, but I would remember to bring some seasoning with me.

Dive Center – Red Sea Diving Safari

So checked into the dive center, rented what gear I needed, and bought some stuff I needed. Then the next morning the orientation class walked me through the basics of diving there. We did a morning dive then afternoon dive as a group, to show us the plan for diving. This resort I love for the fact you can short dive at will just get to have a buddy, luckily I had one. They had closed diving for the 2 days after that due to a wind storm.


That 4th day we dove like 5 times and it was beautiful. I’m sad I lost those 2 days but in no way regret the trip. The dive shade is we organized, they have lockers for each diver that is numbered and they consider with the hanger for gear after dives and you check out and in on each dive, by putting your name locker and dive time and type on a board then erase it when you get back. They have tanks just all grouped up so when you get in you just grab a tank set up and go.


So all in all the trip was great sucess and would love to do again soon with slight change, a couple days in cairo, with a private driver, to take me to the places I want to go with out a guide. Then 6 days at the resort, I learned a lot from the trip, and its a long trip to get there but totally worth it.


Things to do for the trip

Visa – Egypt $25 When you get the approval it emails it to you and will delete from the site soon after so make sure you save the PDF and print it too.

Remember the resort is setup to dive on your own unless you hire someone to take you out so take a buddy or you will be asking around to tag along on someone else dive.

You get one towel……

bring seasoning or condoments you may want if you can LOL

MONEY – Let your bank know you are leaving the country and I just used the ATM in Egypt and it worked great with no fees, just remember your taking money out in Egyptian Pounds so if you want $318 out then pull 5000 egp out of the ATM, and you can use you card at most places too.


Plane Tickets – $1200 KC-Cairo Cairo-Marsa Alam Hurgada -KC

Cairo Hotel – $160 2 nights

Cairo Private Tour – $50

Resort Full Board – $912 resort plus dive rentals and covid test

Resort Transfer to and from airport – $75

Randoms – $600 on gifts, trinkets, and souvenirs


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It sounds like a great trip! Do you have to be scuba certified at the resort? And where would you like to have gone in Cairo that you didn’t get to?


    You have to be certifed with a Scuba Certifier like PADI or SSI, you can do it at most dive resorts or local dive shop, local shop is the best way to go so you can have more time fun diving then training.
    Cairo has lots of museums I would like to go to and explore more of the city and old Cairo. I would like to go back to see the new museum opening by the pyrmids in November it look awesome, Would have liked to see some of the Cairo trees to.

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