Flying Back – Cairo, Egypt & Marsa Shagra Village

So time to leave the Marsa Shagra Village, 6am6 am getting my bags together and checking the room one more time for anything I may have left. I head up to wait for my ride at 630am. He doesn’t speak any English and I have no Arabic LOL. The silent trip, but 3 hours of beautiful scenery, the Red Sea on my right and the desert on my left, what a sight. About 30 minutes from the airport he stopped for gas and I went in to see what they had, not much, grabbed a coke and a water, 20 egg or $1.27 damn I need out of the tourist zone more often LOL.

When I got to the Hurghada airport, and check-in, it was an ever 10 feet show, your passport LOL, but they are very helpful even with the language barrier. But I love seeing all the AK variants and HK MP5s all over total fanboying it up. LOL

So, 4 hrs. to Switzerland, let’s start off by saying Zurich airport SUCKS they gave me a 50 Min layover and I had never been there, so I get off the plane and boarding for my plane is already scheduled to be going on, so no gate on my ticket and my plane is not on the board. Damn it.

I look around and NO ONE that works there, I’m trying to figure out what I’m to do, have to wait in line to get through security and ask the security person for help and he runs off as my bags getting checked and I got like 20 minutes, so I’m freaking out LOL. He runs back tells me my gate and all I must do is go upstairs, thank the stars LOL.

So got my health stamp and boarded, on the phone with my girlfriend the whole time as she is helping me keep my cool LOL. Onward to the US.

So get settled in the plane, windows seat port side all the way stern, nice. Instructed the lady next to me if I get annoying to just nudge me, as I’m deaf on the right side so I may not hear her, I like using that as a good ice breaker LOL. I can see the persons personally.

She was nice, and easy-going. I started a movie as we took off, they got us drinks and dinner before I finished it, and then as I started a second, OUT. I wake up 7 hours later to, we are getting ready to land, sweet, slept the rest of the way. Back in the US, landing in Newark, got my bag and pushed into my gate to wait for my flight to MCI (Kansas City) so 14 hours to kill,  10 hours as I type this LOL.

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