Galveston Island Tx Bound for a Quick Getaway

Leaving early Friday morning for Galveston, Texas. Kelly wanted salt water so we are heading out for the weekend, and getting back Monday. Gonna be the first road trip with the Crosstrek, I’m excited to see how it does.

Galveston Island Tx Bound for a Quick Getaway

Prepped and Ready

I got the hotel reserved on the beach, so we can just walk to it. Got the cooler packed with snacks and drinks ready for a fun road trip. We have 780 miles 12 hours 36 minutes, by googles directions. We are going for a straight shot, I like the drive so should be easy. Just got my car cleaned, licensed and oil change done.

The Plan

Take off time 3am Friday, ETA 5pm – 6pm, with planned stops at any available Buc-ee’s. Arrive Friday evening at Clarion Pointe Galveston Seawall, stay Friday and Saturday nights. We will leave for Lees Summit, Sunday afternoon, and drive back straight back.

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