Red Sea Dive Site Day 1 – Marsa Shagra Village

After getting a decent night’s sleep, I made my way over for breakfast before heading to the dive shade. My biggest complaint about eating here is breakfast, I haven’t had any maple syrup since I got here, had waffles at the hotel in Cairo but no syrup, and at the resort nothing, not even a waffle LOL. But overall the food is good, and I drink lots of tea anyways.

9 am is the orientation meeting, At about 930 it got started LOL. We walked through all the dive site extras to buy, then talked about the house reef, and zones to dive and how. Then we made our way to the dive shade and he showed the protocol for everything, the language barrier is a little hard for me at times but I made due, this location is an open diving center so once toy does the two orientation dives, you can dive freely no guide needed. So this is where having a dive buddy to travel with is great.


It’s very windy today, the visibility is low, and they had to change the first dive plan a little. As well all got in the water, it was so cold, but naturally, after the first minutes it warmed up, the dive was fun but a complete cluster F, LOL after about 30 minutes of everyone trying to see the reef and find the instructor, we ascended and got picked up by a rib, climbing into a boat sucks lol can I get a later I’m no Navy Seal LOL. I did get to see a big turtle and a lionfish both my first also saw a group of dolphins, which was amazing.

Got all my gear stowed and cleaned up and made my way to my hut, cleaned up and got changed, and went to lunch. Beefsteak, grilled chicken, potatoes, green beans, and some fresh olives, OMG just what I needed, and some mint tea, my favorite here.

The next dive was set for 2 pm still windy. He talked over the plan for the dive, rib out to drop, roll out and dive to shore. This dive is much better. Water was clear to start, weight was doing better, and I got some good time just looking at the reef and it was very pretty, after about 25 minutes it started getting murky, once we were close to shore we ascended I was at about 700psi or 50 bars so good timing. The rib came in and towed us back to shore, thank god I didn’t have to climb back in LOL.

All in all, it was a good start to the trip here. Contact me if you have any questions on our contact page


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