Red Sea Dive Site Day 3 – Marsa Shagra Village

So there I was in Egypt, sitting on the beach on the Red Sea smoking a hookah………

So diving called for weather again. So I was bored all day, sat on the beach, walked around, ate, ate again then again LOL. So spent the day snapping random pictures, and playing around. They kept checking the water conditions to see if we could dive and it never cleared up and the currents would not cooperate. It started out windy and cold, I had to bundle up and watch the sunrise, before breakfast. Spent the rest of the day in what sun would pop out on the beach, took some random pics around as you can see.

I broke out the Hookah or Shisha Pipe to give it a go, and sat on the beach smoking it, was rather relaxing. I had a nice Mint Shisha, from the local shop. They just sat around listing to music till dinner time. For years I smoked a Hookah back home but had sold it a few years back, with regret LOL. It is nice to be able to pack a bowl again and sit back, relax and injoy.

Keeping my finger crossed for tomorrow butthe weather is supposed to be much better tomorrow. This cold windy weather is rough in a room with no heater, but thankful for the 2 beds. That extra blanket is a godsend. Contact me if you have any questions on our contact page

I did take the time to reorganize my room and clean up, I was starting to get a little messy. Being stuck in a room with no TV or decent internet is rough for a tech guy. I was talking to my dive buddy and agreed this is why you need to partner with you so if your stuck in your room you can fill the time LOL.

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