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The wait for US passports is creating 1 travel problem for summer plans

Embark on an unexpected journey before your dream 2023 vacation even begins – navigating the U.S. passport application system! As global travel surges, passport agencies are in overdrive, leading to delays and uncertainties. But, amidst tales of frustration, there’s hope, proving that sometimes the toughest roads lead to the most beautiful destinations. Buckle up, travelers!

Planning that dream 2023 vacation? Hop on an entirely different voyage before you even get to the airport. Why? It’s passport time! And oh boy, it’s not your average trip around the corner.

Passport wait

As global travel gets its groove back, hitting near pre-pandemic levels, our friend – the U.S. passport application system – is stuck in a bit of a jam. With more applications flooding in than there are people to process them, the passport agencies are in overdrive. Travel enthusiasts across the world are stuck in a frustrating holding pattern, surrounded by uncertainty.

From hopeful family holidaymakers to big-ticket spenders, this passport quagmire has everyone biting their nails. Endless waiting, constant screen-refreshing, lodging complaints, forking over extra fees, and chasing misleading advice – it’s become the unexpected pre-trip regimen. Some folks are even buying additional plane tickets to get their passports from where they’re stuck in processing limbo!


U.S. officials are not pretending that all is well. They acknowledge the problem, citing pandemic-related staff shortages and a pause in online processing as the culprits. The passport agency is now up to its neck in applications, hitting an unprecedented half a million per week. The State Department anticipates that 2023 could even topple last year’s record of 22 million passports issued.

Just imagine the scene: prospective travelers scrambling to get their documents, while the agencies scramble to handle urgent cases. Options for everyone else? Let’s just say they’re as scarce as hen’s teeth.

So, fellow 2023 traveler, brace yourself for a whirlwind ride through the passport maze!

Ginger Collier, a Dallas-based florist, embarked on this journey in early March. Hoping for a fun-filled family vacation in June, she applied for four passports. The optimistic clerk estimated a wait time of 8-11 weeks. “We’re all good,” thought Ginger. But as the State Department extended the wait time to 13 weeks, her optimism wavered. And then, with just two weeks left, she found herself in the grip of sleepless nights. Her family’s passports were nowhere in sight, and failure to get them could mean kissing goodbye to a sweet $4000 and a joyful reunion with her son in Italy.

The Passport Wait, The Game Ahead

Adding to the chaos, when COVID-19 threw a wrench into the works, the government had to let go of contractors and reshuffle staff. The online renewal system was also paused to give it a bit of a tune-up. But the silver lining? They’re now hiring more agents and opening up more appointments to try and turn things around.

The online world is abuzz with frustrated applicants sharing their stories of dismay, seeking advice, and venting their ire.


While passports have become an essential part of travel, the number of Americans holding valid passports has grown at a pace faster than the population itself over the past thirty years. The love for globetrotting seems to be on the rise!

Unfortunately, the struggle for U.S. visas and passports doesn’t end for Americans and others abroad either. The wait times are exorbitant, with a few extending to more than two years!

Stories of passport woes continue to echo, each one unique and equally exasperating. Amidst the tales of defeat, however, some lucky ones manage to conquer the bureaucratic beast.

Finally, a glimmer of hope shines through. Ginger Collier, after an excruciatingly long wait and grueling trip to the passport office, managed to secure her family’s passports – just four days shy of their travel date! And that hug with her son in Italy? Absolutely priceless.

Buckle up, dear 2023 travelers, for this unexpected journey in securing your U.S. passport. But remember, sometimes the toughest roads lead to the most beautiful destinations!

Get a U.S. Passport NOW

Looking to explore the world beyond the US borders, my adventurous friend? Great! But first, you’ll need a trusty travel companion – a U.S. passport. Here’s a simple, step-by-step guide on how to obtain one:

  1. Start by Filling Out Form DS-11: Grab a cozy cup of coffee and begin your passport journey by filling out Form DS-11. You can find it on the U.S. Department of State’s website. Remember, do not sign the form until instructed to do so by the passport acceptance agent.
  2. Proof of U.S. Citizenship: You will need to provide a document to prove that you’re a U.S. citizen. This could be your birth certificate, an old (undamaged) passport, a certificate of citizenship, or a naturalization certificate. Keep in mind, photocopies are a no-go here, you’ll need the original or a certified copy.
  3. Show a Valid Photo ID: Show them your lovely face! A valid driver’s license, military ID, or a current government ID should work. If you’re applying from within another country, a valid passport from that country will suffice.
  4. Provide a Photocopy of the ID: Along with your valid ID, bring along a photocopy of both sides of the ID. It’s best to use a white 8.5 x 11″ standard paper without any other images or markings.
  5. Say Cheese for Your Passport Photo: Now, for the most glamorous part of this process – the passport photo! This isn’t just any selfie, though. There are specific guidelines to follow, including a plain white or off-white background, a neutral facial expression or natural smile, and certain clothing and accessory rules.
  6. Calculate the Fees: This globe-trotting journey does come with a fee. As of 2023, it costs $130 for a passport book for adults. There’s also an acceptance fee of $35. Check the U.S. Department of State’s website to see if you need to pay any additional fees.
  7. Submit Your Application: Alright, brave explorer, you’re at the final step! You’ll need to submit your application in person at a passport agency or center, a public library, or another designated location. If this is your first passport, make sure you have all your documents, your photo, and form DS-11 (unsigned) with you. The agent will instruct you to sign it.

Now all that’s left is a bit of patience as you wait for your passport to arrive, I got mine in under 60 days in 2022. Soon, you’ll be ready to fill it with stamps and stories from all around the globe. Happy travels!

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