Completed PADI Advanced OW Cert with TD Scuba

So I’m going for PADI Master Diver, why not. So I got signed up for Advanced Open Water the next step to MD, at this point I started getting my setup. The eLearning took me about a week I was pretty motivated. So I found I lady in NYC that was selling her father’s old regulator cluster, it’s a Mares for $60 she shipped it to me so I was worth a shot. She sent the set and all the extras she had. I ended up with an old Oceanic Dive computer. Some dive lights, and an old Mares BCD that I used a couple of times but didn’t like.

So I sold the computer for $100 on eBay and sent the Reg set to be serviced.  A lady local to me was selling some tanks she had found in a rehab she bought, so for $50, I got 2 nice tanks. I got the hydro tested and back in service.  Then ordered a new BCD from my LDS, T.D. I scuba in Lees Summit, MO, and got a Sherwood Avid CQR 3 BCD, it’s nice.

The Deep Dive, was the hardest part for me in the AOW training. I had zero viz and ice-cold, but we managed through all the stuff we needed, about peed myself coming up LOL

After I got the AOW Cert I ended up diving a lot after that on what they call FUN dives every couple of weeks. I would go out and dive the quarry and just practice my buoyancy and Nav. So I am horrible with both underwater. Also I have no hearing or balance in my right side, so keeping ordination is a struggle. I had an Acoustic Neuroma removed in 2005, from my head about the size of 2 golf balls.

So I had a funny moment on a day out with the instructors cleaning up. I was practicing my Nav and heading straight back to the shore, and the instructor was watching me. Since she was out of the air and swimming back. After a while, I ascended to see how far I was off and…… I was in the same spot and she was laughing at me LOL. She said all she could see was my bubbles doing circles in one spot LOL humiliating LOL This is why I follow and hate to lead LOL Land Nav I’m a rockstar, underwater I may as well be blind LOL

Signed up for Rescue Diver and done with eLearning, and taking the class in the spring after Egypt. Contact me if you have any questions on our contact page