Diving Cozumel at Scuba Club Day 5

This was a perfect dive day; the water was great, and I saw some great stuff. The SCUBA II crew was excellent. I wasn’t able to get too close to the shark. The current was strong, but the turtle was in a perfect spot.

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Diving Cozumel at Scuba Club Night Dive

Another excursion dive we got was the night dive. This was a great dive; the water was great, and I saw some great stuff. The dive crew was excellent. I found a new light at my local trift shop before we left and it was well worth the $7 I paid LOL

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Diving Cozumel at Scuba Club Day 3

This was a perfect dive day; the water was great, and I saw some great stuff. The SCUBA II crew was excellent. Today we dove through some caves in the coral. Seen some beautaful coral and fish.

More pics

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Diving Cozumel at Scuba Club Day 2

Day 2 started great; waking up to this view every morning is fantastic.

Today’s dives were great; I got to see some great coral walls and tunnels.

The Wreck Dive

I was signed up for a wreck dive in the afternoon. This is my first wreck dive, and it went very well. I was worried at first, but once I was there, it was amazing.


The C-53 was built in Tampa in 1944 at the Wilson Marine Ship Works. It was built as a mine sweeper for service during World War II and named under Scuffles. After the war in 1946, it was decommissioned.

In 1962, the C-53 was discharged and sold to the Mexican Navy. It was converted into an Admiral Class Gunboat and retitled ARM General Felipe Xicoténcatl (C53). It was named after Felipe Santiago Xicoténcatl, who was a General in the Mexican Army.

The C-53 was purchased to guard the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea in Search & Rescue operations. In addition to providing surveillance of illegal arms and drug trafficking.

Felipe Xicoténcatl (Cozumel C-53 shipwreck) provided 37 years of assistance to the Mexican Navy and finally retired in 1999.




The C-53 is 184 feet (56 meters) long and 33 feet (10 meters) wide. It was sunk to the bottom of the Caribbean perfectly upright. It rests on the seabed 70 feet (21 meters) from the surface.

The Cozumel C-53 wreck stands 40 feet (12 meters) from the seabed, permitting divers to reach the wreckage by descending 30 feet (9 meters) from the surface.


It was sunk in Cozumel in June of 2000.

The location chosen for the wreck is just offshore from Chankanaab Park. The site was selected for many reasons, including easy access for divers in an area sheltered from strong currents. It was lodged on a giant sand bar where the ship would not cause any damage to the existing reef structures.

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Diving Cozumel at Scuba Club Day 1

So this being my second trip to Mexico, this was my first time to Cozumel, and five days of diving to look forward to. We had arrived the day before at the Scuba Club Resort and did a quick dive to test weights and gear.

The dive boat leaves at 8 am, and I was at the dock at 7:30, LOL, heading out on two tank dives. Getting back in the saltwater was great, but I sucked down both tanks pretty quickly while readjusting and dealing with my dive partner. It was her first real saltwater dive. Overall the dive was bland, with nothing of note, pretty murky water.

The Food

After the dive, we got cleaned up and started into town. The day before, we got caught in the rain and stopped at a restaurant in the tourist zone; that was a mistake. So today, we ventured into town away from the cruise ships and resorts and ended up at Taqueria Diaz 100% at v. Lic. Pedro Joaquin Coldwell 150, 10 de Abril, 77600 San Miguel de Cozumel, Q.R., Mexico.

OMG this place was AMAZING, we both ate and had a drink. and the bill was $12. Needless to say we ate it alot on the trip, and hope to go back. I found the weather most agreeable, a nice 85f. The people were very nice in general, the ventors in the tourist zones are very pushy and just have to walk by and dont engage.

All in all the first day was great start.

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My Scuba Diving Gear List & Breakdown

So been wanting to get a gear list up. I’m swapping stuff out a lot, so things change but I like this setup for now. I buy most of my stuff second-hand and repair and rebuild them myself. People say Scuba Diving is expensive, but it’s not. You just have to know how to get what you need, you don’t need new just maintained. Having a good understanding of your equipment and how to maintain it is key in my opinion. I am not an expert and don’t claim to be but knowledge of your gear is a priority if you dive a lot.

Mask/Snorkel – Sherwood Oracle Mask ($100) & Scuba Choice Silicone Roll-up Nautilus Snorkel ($30)

BCD – AQUALUNG MALIBU BCD ($150) with ScubaPro Air2 ($75)

Regulator – Mares Abyss ($75)

Computer – Suunto Cobra ($100)

Fins – Zeagle Recon ($200)

Wetsuits – 2mm Shorty ($40) and 3mm Full ($60)


I dive with 8-10lbs fresh water and 10-15lbs salt water. When I travel I take everything except my tanks and weights, it all fits nicely in my suitcase. I keep all my gear in a tote so I can just through it in the car when I head to the lake. I like it simple and nothing fancy.

I do have plans to find a Pelican Case for travel. Feel free to comment and share your gear or recommendations, or have any questions.

Should I get some split fins? LOL Let me know some of your favorite dive spots. Im always looking for new spots to add to my list. I hoping to get a few more spots added next year. I plan on going back to Egypt next year again since I lost 2 day of time time due to weather.

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PADI Rescue Diver Completion

This weekend at the lake, I got to finish up my PADI Rescue Diver Cert, this weekend at the lake. I started it in Oct of 2021 and had to wait out the winter. The first dive of the year at the quarry was good but cold. First dive I only had my 3mm full wetsuit on, and had to put on my 2mm shorty on the next ones. That warmed up my core pretty well, water temp at 15ft was 54f, 69f on the surface.

I completed all my RD dives on Saturday, and fun dived Sunday. Since my girlfriend was completing her OW. I plan to get a couple more specialties with PADI and get Master Scuba Diver then pop over to SSI and get my Dive Master since my LDS switched.

On to take my next specialties, Nitrox, Equipment Specialist, Dry-Suit, & Search & Recovery. Then I will be able to apply for MSD. No, I don’t need all these certs but the training is fun, and learn new things. I like to dive and learn or do something while in the water.

I think I got my gear all set up the way I like it, still working on a few little things. I will post up my gear list and cost soon. I buy most of my stuff used and I do rebuild most of it myself. I find knowing my gear down to the smallest bit. It helps me in and out of the water with issues and having redundancy is a must.

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Grand Bahia Principe Coba, Mexico – Diving 2022

Had a great time diving with Scuba Aquatic at Grand Bahia Principe resort in Mexico just south of Cancun. So the girlfriend planned us a 4-day trip to Mexico, and I said I have to dive for at least one day. So she got me a 2 tank dive, for Saturday.

The excursion started at 8:45 am, and I got there at 7:30ish. They supply everything you need, but I brought all my gear so I just needed weights and a tank. I was using an untested BCD and new unused fins, a reg I haven’t used since I rebuilt it. Needless to say, a few no-no’s LOL. But I had tested and checked them out beforehand and all looked to be fine, the reg was breathing 10x better than it has.

The dive team was great and very helpful. The dives went off without a hitch, everything worked great, the new BCD and Fins are amazing love them.

First Dive….

So after gearing up and heading the boat, we dove into the Turtle Reef. Saw some great turtles and stingrays. We only had me and 3 other divers with the divemaster. It was a nice and mellow smooth dive. The DM had a leaking connection to the tank. so he had so many bubbles I was worried he would run out of air before we did. I signaled him and was waved off. Later talking to the other dive he reminded me those guys use such little air LOL.

Second Dive….

The next dive was clams and crabs, not that interesting LOL. But it was a good dive and lots of fish to see. I found myself practicing for my upcoming Rescue Diver Open Water in a couple of weeks LOL. We finished the dive and headed back to the resort.

My new GoPro 10 worked great, had a few things to get used to but super happy with it. I’ll post up my gear when I get back.

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Red Sea Dive Site Day 4 – Marsa Shagra Village

So day 4, weather is AMAZING, diving started early so I geared up and got in 2 divers coming out were the first in and said it was so clear, lucky my buddy and I are second. It started cold but once we hit about 5 ft of water it warmed up. The water was a dream, great first dive, only problem was my GoPro died, like would take a charge nothing so I had to get photos from my buddy. This gave me more time just to look and not worry about a camera, so it worked out LOL.

We did 5 dives all shore dives its nice just coming out grabbing a coke sitting for a few, then swapping tanks and heading out again. We did 3 in the morning and 2 after lunch, max depth 105ft on dive 2 but 80ft to 40ft on the others so easy peasy. LOL

After my dives I hit the front office to do my check out and Covid test, In all honesty I don’t think it was a real covid test and he had it all printed out and ready when I got to the office LOL. But I got to see the decomp chamber that was cool, they have one on site, so its nice to know it you screw up maybe they can save you. LOL

I wanted to get another dive in but I was flying the next day so left 18hrs open before flight, I got the car scheduled for the 3 hour trip to the airport, and checked out of my room since I was leaving at 630am the next morning.

Swimming with the turtle and the schools of fish are some of the best parts of the trip, learned a lot about traveling outside the US to better help me next time….. 2 months.

I will defiantly be coming back, only closer to summertime, and spend a couple of days in Cairo, a lot I want to see around town. Contact me if you have any questions on our contact page


Red Sea Dive Site Day 1 – Marsa Shagra Village

After getting a decent night’s sleep, I made my way over for breakfast before heading to the dive shade. My biggest complaint about eating here is breakfast, I haven’t had any maple syrup since I got here, had waffles at the hotel in Cairo but no syrup, and at the resort nothing, not even a waffle LOL. But overall the food is good, and I drink lots of tea anyways.

9 am is the orientation meeting, At about 930 it got started LOL. We walked through all the dive site extras to buy, then talked about the house reef, and zones to dive and how. Then we made our way to the dive shade and he showed the protocol for everything, the language barrier is a little hard for me at times but I made due, this location is an open diving center so once toy does the two orientation dives, you can dive freely no guide needed. So this is where having a dive buddy to travel with is great.


It’s very windy today, the visibility is low, and they had to change the first dive plan a little. As well all got in the water, it was so cold, but naturally, after the first minutes it warmed up, the dive was fun but a complete cluster F, LOL after about 30 minutes of everyone trying to see the reef and find the instructor, we ascended and got picked up by a rib, climbing into a boat sucks lol can I get a later I’m no Navy Seal LOL. I did get to see a big turtle and a lionfish both my first also saw a group of dolphins, which was amazing.

Got all my gear stowed and cleaned up and made my way to my hut, cleaned up and got changed, and went to lunch. Beefsteak, grilled chicken, potatoes, green beans, and some fresh olives, OMG just what I needed, and some mint tea, my favorite here.

The next dive was set for 2 pm still windy. He talked over the plan for the dive, rib out to drop, roll out and dive to shore. This dive is much better. Water was clear to start, weight was doing better, and I got some good time just looking at the reef and it was very pretty, after about 25 minutes it started getting murky, once we were close to shore we ascended I was at about 700psi or 50 bars so good timing. The rib came in and towed us back to shore, thank god I didn’t have to climb back in LOL.

All in all, it was a good start to the trip here. Contact me if you have any questions on our contact page