Hello I’m Nate

Born in Yuba City, California some years ago, my family moved to the middle of nowhere NE Missouri. I grew up loving history, seeing the city life and country. After high school, I join the US Army, Graduating from Basic Training was one of the best times in my life. When I left the Army, I had no idea what to do. I had to move, but no job, no car, damn near no money. Then decided to leave Ft Gordon Georgia and hitchhike to Missouri stayed for a short time then hiked to Bakersfield California. I stayed a few months then back to Missouri and then to South Carolina. Needless to say, the nomadic life I love.

I started college and got certified as Computer and Network Technician and started my own business. My wife at the time was stationed at Shaw AFB and after 4 years we moved to KC without firstborn.  In 2005 I had a tumor removed from my head, it was about the size of 2 golf balls. It was a benign Acoustic Neuroma. I have no hearing or balance on my right side.

It almost put me in a wheelchair or killed me, so I want to live while I can, tomorrow is never guaranteed. After our second was born a few years later, I started doing more businesses and stayed pretty busy.  When we divorced and the kids were old enough, I decided I needed to do what I want in life and see the world. I have always had a big bucket list and can’t afford to wait. So, any opportunity I’m going to travel. Then took up scuba diving in 2021 and it’s my new obsession, most all plays I am going to visit will involve some diving, I hope.

My current plan is 4 or more international trips a year and as many interstates as I can. I plan to post spots that I visit and places I go. Many will be around the Kansas City area, Missouri, and into Kansas, Chicago, and Galveston is on my list of places to hit soon. I am always working and modifying my bucket list so things change and interests change LOL.

I’m mainly a solo traveler, but have friends I may travel with and will be traveling a lot with my girlfriend. I am always looking for new places and deals. I’m an I.T. guy I’m not an English teacher LOL my grammar and spelling suck.

I try to proofread my stuff but my brain sometimes …… most times doesn’t catch or completely types something else. LOL Contact me if you have any questions on our contact page