Hello I’m Nate

Born in Yuba City, California, my family relocated to a rural area in northeast Missouri when I was young. I developed a passion for history and enjoyed experiencing both city and country life. After high school, I joined the US Army, and graduating from Basic Training became one of the best moments in my life. Upon leaving the Army, I faced uncertainty with no job, car, or money. I decided to leave Fort Gordon, Georgia, and hitchhiked to Missouri, eventually making my way to Bakersfield, California. A few months later, I returned to Missouri and then traveled to South Carolina, embracing the nomadic lifestyle I love.

About Me

I attended college, earned certification as a Computer and Network Technician, and started my own business. My wife at the time was stationed at Shaw AFB, and after four years, we moved to Kansas City without our firstborn. In 2005, I underwent surgery to remove a benign Acoustic Neuroma tumor, the size of two golf balls, from my head. As a result, I lost hearing and balance on my right side. This close call with disability or death has inspired me to live life to the fullest since tomorrow is never guaranteed.

After our second child was born, I became busier with my business. When my marriage ended and my children grew older, I decided to pursue my dreams and see the world. My extensive bucket list and love for travel motivated me to seize any opportunity to explore. In 2021, I discovered scuba diving and became obsessed with it, hoping to incorporate diving into my future trips.

About Me

I aim to take at least four international trips and numerous interstate journeys each year. I plan to share stories of the places I visit and the experiences I have along the way. Many destinations will be around the Kansas City area, spanning Missouri, Kansas, Chicago, and Galveston. My ever-evolving bucket list keeps me open to new adventures and changing interests.

Though I mainly travel solo, I occasionally journey with friends or my girlfriend. As an I.T. professional, I’m always seeking new places and deals. Please bear with me as I share my experiences, for I am not an English teacher, and my grammar and spelling may sometimes be imperfect.

About Me

I try to proofread my stuff, but my brain sometimes …… most times doesn’t catch or completely types something else. LOL Contact me if you have any questions on our contact page