Iron Horse Bar & Grill Leawood Kansas Review

One of my favorite little spots is located in Leawood, KS in the Kansas City Metro. I stopped in for lunch today and ordered my favorite, the Blackened Salmon Club with fries. Iron Horse sports a great Patio dining and bar area and the inside has a good atmosphere, with great live music in the evenings.

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(Our American Style restaurant is centered around some of the finest scratch cooking in the Kansas City Area.  We have an open kitchen concept come watch this amazing team produce our dishes one evening, as we always say “You Can’t Fake Fresh.”!) – Iron Horse Website

The menu has a great varity of dishes I also like the Rosemary Chicken, and Burgers. The Full bar and TV at every angle of the area for the sports nuts.

They do Brunch, Lunch and Dinner, and full bar. Give them a try if your in the area.

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Egypt 2022 Cairo & Marsa Shagra Village Red Sea Diving Safari Review


So I decided to book a tour guide for my one day in Cairo so I could see a lot and not get lost. I used Tripadvisor and found a private tour called All inclusive trip Giza Pyramids,Egyptian Museum,Sphinx,Bazar,Camel Ride,Lunch for $100 it was great.

I have privately driven around with my tour guide. The driver picked me up at the hotel and took me to the guide at the Pyramides, and from the guide just called them when needed. The guide was very easy-going and knowledgeable. They dropped me off at my hotel at the end of the day.

Egyptian Museum

The hotel La Passage was great, they shuttled me from and to the airport. They have multiple restaurants on-site, I only ait at the buffet, it was good but a little bland, and I found all the food in Egypt. I like flavor and spice and very little was found the whole trip. The staff was great and very accommodating.

Marsa Shagra Village – Red Sea Diving Safari

The resort is so nice, I flew into Marsa Alam Int Airport, and got shuttled down to the resort, check-in I went to my room. I had reserved a Hut, so Hut 1 was mine, I didn’t want to do the tents, and I’m so glad I didn’t. The weather did not work well for me on the trip as I lost 2 of my 4 days diving to winds and cold.

The hut was great very clean and nice, with 2 beds and I used the blanket off the other bed due to the cold, I hate cold. The rooms have power and a fan but no heat or AC. They also have shared bathrooms in the building behind, nice locking showers, and toilettes with lots of room.

Hut 1

The food was good no real complaints, other than very bland, I like my flavor and spices. They always had a good selection of food other than breakfast it never changed. I was craving pancakes or waffles the whole time but the hotel and resort, no maple syrup LOL. I had mint tea with every meal and maybe a coke or 2, and always water.

In all I was very happy and would love to go back, but I would remember to bring some seasoning with me.

Dive Center – Red Sea Diving Safari

So checked into the dive center, rented what gear I needed, and bought some stuff I needed. Then the next morning the orientation class walked me through the basics of diving there. We did a morning dive then afternoon dive as a group, to show us the plan for diving. This resort I love for the fact you can short dive at will just get to have a buddy, luckily I had one. They had closed diving for the 2 days after that due to a wind storm.


That 4th day we dove like 5 times and it was beautiful. I’m sad I lost those 2 days but in no way regret the trip. The dive shade is we organized, they have lockers for each diver that is numbered and they consider with the hanger for gear after dives and you check out and in on each dive, by putting your name locker and dive time and type on a board then erase it when you get back. They have tanks just all grouped up so when you get in you just grab a tank set up and go.


So all in all the trip was great sucess and would love to do again soon with slight change, a couple days in cairo, with a private driver, to take me to the places I want to go with out a guide. Then 6 days at the resort, I learned a lot from the trip, and its a long trip to get there but totally worth it.


Things to do for the trip

Visa – Egypt $25 When you get the approval it emails it to you and will delete from the site soon after so make sure you save the PDF and print it too.

Remember the resort is setup to dive on your own unless you hire someone to take you out so take a buddy or you will be asking around to tag along on someone else dive.

You get one towel……

bring seasoning or condoments you may want if you can LOL

MONEY – Let your bank know you are leaving the country and I just used the ATM in Egypt and it worked great with no fees, just remember your taking money out in Egyptian Pounds so if you want $318 out then pull 5000 egp out of the ATM, and you can use you card at most places too.


Plane Tickets – $1200 KC-Cairo Cairo-Marsa Alam Hurgada -KC

Cairo Hotel – $160 2 nights

Cairo Private Tour – $50

Resort Full Board – $912 resort plus dive rentals and covid test

Resort Transfer to and from airport – $75

Randoms – $600 on gifts, trinkets, and souvenirs


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Flying Back – Cairo, Egypt & Marsa Shagra Village

So time to leave the Marsa Shagra Village, 6am6 am getting my bags together and checking the room one more time for anything I may have left. I head up to wait for my ride at 630am. He doesn’t speak any English and I have no Arabic LOL. The silent trip, but 3 hours of beautiful scenery, the Red Sea on my right and the desert on my left, what a sight. About 30 minutes from the airport he stopped for gas and I went in to see what they had, not much, grabbed a coke and a water, 20 egg or $1.27 damn I need out of the tourist zone more often LOL.

When I got to the Hurghada airport, and check-in, it was an ever 10 feet show, your passport LOL, but they are very helpful even with the language barrier. But I love seeing all the AK variants and HK MP5s all over total fanboying it up. LOL

So, 4 hrs. to Switzerland, let’s start off by saying Zurich airport SUCKS they gave me a 50 Min layover and I had never been there, so I get off the plane and boarding for my plane is already scheduled to be going on, so no gate on my ticket and my plane is not on the board. Damn it.

I look around and NO ONE that works there, I’m trying to figure out what I’m to do, have to wait in line to get through security and ask the security person for help and he runs off as my bags getting checked and I got like 20 minutes, so I’m freaking out LOL. He runs back tells me my gate and all I must do is go upstairs, thank the stars LOL.

So got my health stamp and boarded, on the phone with my girlfriend the whole time as she is helping me keep my cool LOL. Onward to the US.

So get settled in the plane, windows seat port side all the way stern, nice. Instructed the lady next to me if I get annoying to just nudge me, as I’m deaf on the right side so I may not hear her, I like using that as a good ice breaker LOL. I can see the persons personally.

She was nice, and easy-going. I started a movie as we took off, they got us drinks and dinner before I finished it, and then as I started a second, OUT. I wake up 7 hours later to, we are getting ready to land, sweet, slept the rest of the way. Back in the US, landing in Newark, got my bag and pushed into my gate to wait for my flight to MCI (Kansas City) so 14 hours to kill,  10 hours as I type this LOL.

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Red Sea Dive Site Day 4 – Marsa Shagra Village

So day 4, weather is AMAZING, diving started early so I geared up and got in 2 divers coming out were the first in and said it was so clear, lucky my buddy and I are second. It started cold but once we hit about 5 ft of water it warmed up. The water was a dream, great first dive, only problem was my GoPro died, like would take a charge nothing so I had to get photos from my buddy. This gave me more time just to look and not worry about a camera, so it worked out LOL.

We did 5 dives all shore dives its nice just coming out grabbing a coke sitting for a few, then swapping tanks and heading out again. We did 3 in the morning and 2 after lunch, max depth 105ft on dive 2 but 80ft to 40ft on the others so easy peasy. LOL

After my dives I hit the front office to do my check out and Covid test, In all honesty I don’t think it was a real covid test and he had it all printed out and ready when I got to the office LOL. But I got to see the decomp chamber that was cool, they have one on site, so its nice to know it you screw up maybe they can save you. LOL

I wanted to get another dive in but I was flying the next day so left 18hrs open before flight, I got the car scheduled for the 3 hour trip to the airport, and checked out of my room since I was leaving at 630am the next morning.

Swimming with the turtle and the schools of fish are some of the best parts of the trip, learned a lot about traveling outside the US to better help me next time….. 2 months.

I will defiantly be coming back, only closer to summertime, and spend a couple of days in Cairo, a lot I want to see around town. Contact me if you have any questions on our contact page


Red Sea Dive Site Day 3 – Marsa Shagra Village

So there I was in Egypt, sitting on the beach on the Red Sea smoking a hookah………

So diving called for weather again. So I was bored all day, sat on the beach, walked around, ate, ate again then again LOL. So spent the day snapping random pictures, and playing around. They kept checking the water conditions to see if we could dive and it never cleared up and the currents would not cooperate. It started out windy and cold, I had to bundle up and watch the sunrise, before breakfast. Spent the rest of the day in what sun would pop out on the beach, took some random pics around as you can see.

I broke out the Hookah or Shisha Pipe to give it a go, and sat on the beach smoking it, was rather relaxing. I had a nice Mint Shisha, from the local shop. They just sat around listing to music till dinner time. For years I smoked a Hookah back home but had sold it a few years back, with regret LOL. It is nice to be able to pack a bowl again and sit back, relax and injoy.

Keeping my finger crossed for tomorrow butthe weather is supposed to be much better tomorrow. This cold windy weather is rough in a room with no heater, but thankful for the 2 beds. That extra blanket is a godsend. Contact me if you have any questions on our contact page

I did take the time to reorganize my room and clean up, I was starting to get a little messy. Being stuck in a room with no TV or decent internet is rough for a tech guy. I was talking to my dive buddy and agreed this is why you need to partner with you so if your stuck in your room you can fill the time LOL.


Red Sea Dive Site Day 2 – Marsa Shagra Village

We darn wind go away, I made it out to breakfast, and the wind is getting harder and harder. So we got a wind storm coming in so diving may be off today. So I’m just sitting here in the swimming short in my door to my room enjoying the sun watching the wind and sand fly by, it’s actually pretty cool to watch, and the sun is very reenergizing, been so cold lately.

I’m missing my room in Cairo LOL, but watching the storm go by is fun. I have to work on lots of computers for soldiers deployed overseas. I understand now why they have computers full of sand and dust. My poor Dell is covered in sand. Im gonna have to give it a good cleaning when I get back.


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Red Sea Dive Site Day 1 – Marsa Shagra Village

After getting a decent night’s sleep, I made my way over for breakfast before heading to the dive shade. My biggest complaint about eating here is breakfast, I haven’t had any maple syrup since I got here, had waffles at the hotel in Cairo but no syrup, and at the resort nothing, not even a waffle LOL. But overall the food is good, and I drink lots of tea anyways.

9 am is the orientation meeting, At about 930 it got started LOL. We walked through all the dive site extras to buy, then talked about the house reef, and zones to dive and how. Then we made our way to the dive shade and he showed the protocol for everything, the language barrier is a little hard for me at times but I made due, this location is an open diving center so once toy does the two orientation dives, you can dive freely no guide needed. So this is where having a dive buddy to travel with is great.


It’s very windy today, the visibility is low, and they had to change the first dive plan a little. As well all got in the water, it was so cold, but naturally, after the first minutes it warmed up, the dive was fun but a complete cluster F, LOL after about 30 minutes of everyone trying to see the reef and find the instructor, we ascended and got picked up by a rib, climbing into a boat sucks lol can I get a later I’m no Navy Seal LOL. I did get to see a big turtle and a lionfish both my first also saw a group of dolphins, which was amazing.

Got all my gear stowed and cleaned up and made my way to my hut, cleaned up and got changed, and went to lunch. Beefsteak, grilled chicken, potatoes, green beans, and some fresh olives, OMG just what I needed, and some mint tea, my favorite here.

The next dive was set for 2 pm still windy. He talked over the plan for the dive, rib out to drop, roll out and dive to shore. This dive is much better. Water was clear to start, weight was doing better, and I got some good time just looking at the reef and it was very pretty, after about 25 minutes it started getting murky, once we were close to shore we ascended I was at about 700psi or 50 bars so good timing. The rib came in and towed us back to shore, thank god I didn’t have to climb back in LOL.

All in all, it was a good start to the trip here. Contact me if you have any questions on our contact page



Cairo in ONE day – Pyramids, Sphinx, Egyptian Museum, Bazaar

So once I landed in Cairo, I got through the 3 checkpoints and metal detectors. I found myself sitting alone in the exit terminal, then about 6 guys started sitting around talking. I thought nothing of it but then noticed they all had a little badge on their suits.

I pulled some Egyptian Pounds out of the ATM, this was nice no fees or anything. As I sat back down I noticed they all were carrying guns, sidearms, and SMGs, nice. I felt safe already…… no really I did. I found out later they were Tourism Police, they are ALL over here.


To the Hotel

I called my hotel La Passage for the shuttle and made my way to my room. I confirmed with my private tour for the next day at 8 am. I have booked it a week before, for $100 I got a private driver and tour guide to show me the sites, totally worth it.

I got dinner at one of the many restaurants at the hotel, the buffet was pretty good, I find the food here ok, but lacking real flavor, I like lots of seasoning, not here. Then off to bed where after a long flight and lack of sleep I crashed SUPER hard LOL best sleep ever.

6:30 am I got up and prepped for the day. I made my way down to breakfast, yes waffles, damn it no syrup. So I just mixed up some of everything and tried it, Not bad. 8 am rolled around and made my way outside. I waited for my driver, my guide told me he was at the gate waiting. The hotel is gated and very cautious who they let in.

So made my way down and the driver started to the Pyramids to meet the guide. So this is my first time out of the US and it’s not as weird as I had expected, but I was taken back by it. It was damn near rubble in most places but beautiful a the same time. I in no way want to drive here LOL. I think a good Egyptian driver could drive blindfolded just by being guided by the sounds of honking, it’s like they developed another sense LOL.


We made it up to the Pyramids to find the guide, he walked me through the plan. Asked if I wanted to go into one. He would have to get another ticket for that, of course, I said yes. He talked about the history and we walked around and saw them. It’s always been a dream to see then and now here I was at the base staring up at it thinking.

I thought it was bigger LOL, no but it’s massive, wasn’t far off from what I thought. Seeing the location and layout was awesome something I only ever saw in a book or on TV, I never really grasped the layout.

Going down into the great pyramid was awesome, tight fit. I hope to see more next time I’m up. We went over to the camels down the road for a camel ride and the guide. I noticed slipping money to everyone he came up to LOL I loved it. So I got my camel ride not my first time on a camel. I wasn’t that interested in but yea riding a camel at the pyramids can’t miss that.

Can I take a AK home?

After that, the driver took us down to the Sphinx, and he gave me its historical history, and I got to look around. Some Egyptian kids run up on my wanting to take my picture, they got a couple. I padded myself down to make sure everything was there. I did the touristy thing and got my pics and looked around.

The next stop was the papyrus maker….seller, they showed me how it’s made and gave me time to look around and buy. I bought the small cheap one, was pretty cool seeing how they do it.

After that, the Oil Shop, first the glass bottle maker showed how he formed glass. A young lady came out and talked to me about all the oils they have and the knock-off scents they can knock off, I bought a small jar. The building was lined with bottles and reminded me of a brothel LOL.

Come on I need a bigger drink LOL

Lunch time, we stopped at a local restaurant, for a chicken and beef kabob dish. It was pretty good, order a coke and its like 8oz so small. Im a fat American I was 16oz at least, can you give me 32 LOL. At this point I just want a pizza and a Dr Pepper.

The Egyptian Museum was amazing once we got in, once again my guide passed money from hand-to-hand LOL. He led me all over the museum telling me history and going through his script. I kept telling him I want to look as he was skipping so much and really. I was not listening to a damn thing, cause most of it I knew and the other I would forget anyways.

I loved the feel of it, everything was just laid out and all over. They have so much they pack it in, you could touch stuff, go from room to room and just keep going. I could have spent a couple days there just looking. The best past is the Tut exhibit was still here, and no photos inside the exhibit. But seeing it was so great, I was super excited. I stopped by the gift shop and got some trinkets, and we moved on to the Bazaar.

So down to see Islamic Cairo, old Mosques, and Bazaar. Walking down the bazaar is great, the guide told me to tell me what I want and he will get it for me. Got to love kickbacks LOL. Every time I would buy something he would run back after and say he is looking at something, just getting his cut LOL. But most everything I bought I got fair or good prices.

Cool Structures

As we walked, he would talk about the different buildings and history with them and show me the differences in Egyptian, roman and other things, some very beautiful sites for sure. When we finished up it was time to head to the hotel, it’s about a 40-minute drive back, and seeing the town and the Nile is just awesome.

They dropped me off and I tipped more than the tour cost me, but worth it. It was so stress-free and go to see a lot in a little amount of time. I would highly recommend it, but next time I may just hire a private driver. I won’t waste more time where I want.

Back at the hotel, well darn I need a bag for my stuff. I have managed to have only carry-on bags for the trip and now I need a checked bag to carry stuff. Lucky the hotel has little shops all over and found a nice bag to carry stuff, I have a morning flight to Marsa Alma to make.

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MCI to Newark to Frankfurt = Stress LOL

After a crazy time with getting my ticket canceled due to weather coming in. I was able to rebook for earlier flight, so I made it to Newark 8 hours early. So time to kill some time and sleep. Oh and eat some food and maybe booze 🤔 lol. Next stop Germany………

So as I’m waiting to board, the crew of the plane arrive and start taking selfies with the plane, needless to saw I was worried, have they flown it be for LOL. Its a big plane, the flight was ok bumpy and I was exhausted so crashed most of the time.  Made it to Frankfurt…..

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Final Egypt Plans to Cairo & Marsa Shagra Village

Last year….

I got 5 nights at MARSA SHAGRA VILLAGE on the Red Sea reserved for Scuba Diving for 13 MAR – 18 MAR 2022 from Travel PADI, its a lovely Coastal diving village in the desert, with modern luxury. They have a House Reef right off shore for great diving, Im looking forward to getting out there.


Plane tickets next on the list, so spending a day in Cairo before heading down to the resort, things got a little fubar. I got the Tickets to Hurghada Intl. Airport (HRG) but then decided to hit Cairo before diving…..

I couldn’t change my tickets so I monkeyed around and ended up getting air taxi back to Cairo then back down.  So Im going KC to Newark to Germany to Cairo to HRG to Cairo. LOL not ideal but Im gonna make it work. The resort is picking me up and dropping me back off at the airport as needed.

Day in Cairo….

So I got ONE full day in Cairo, I just booked a All inclusive trip for Giza Pyramids, Egyptian Museum, Sphinx, Bazar, tours & Camel Ride. So will that they pick me up drive me around all day and I get to see what I want. And I paid extra for a private tour, I don’t like crowds.

I hope it works out as advertised, it get good reviews. I think the only reason I have the hotel is just a spot for my bags and maybe a couple hours of sleep LOL.  I didn’t want to do a tour but with my time so restrained and I have never been there I figured give it a try.  I booked on Tripadvisor.


So my Covid test is schedualled 3 days before I leave. I hope no problem emerge LOL. To fly into Egypt you need to have a PCR test with QR Code, unless you have a Vax Card with QR Code and US does not.

Apply for VISA

90 days out you can apply for a visa with Egypt, its easy and cost $25 for a single entry. I submitted my application and it came back a week later, approved. I applied at all online have your passport and travel dates ready and a clear pic of your passport.

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