Carnival Caribbean Liberty Cruise Review

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Carnival Caribbean Cruise Princess Cays Port

On day two, we made it to the private beach; on Princess Cays, we were one of the first ones off and on the beach. We had rented a clam shell umbrella, so we jumped in once we got it and laid out our stuff. The beach was beautiful, and the water was warm; the hurricane pushed clouds around, so we had quick rain bursts.

After about an hour and the ship was unloaded, the area was covered in people; the food sucked at the food court and wasn’t really nice. We ventured around and off the tourist area a bit to look around. The locals in another place, swimming and cooking out, smelled so good.

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Carnival Caribbean 4 Day Cruise w/ Nassau Port

For many years I have had people pressuring me to go on a cruise. I’m pretty private, not fond of crowds, and not a club person. So my partner finally got me talked into trying it. This is only a quick cruise with a couple of stops.

So after we spent a day in Coco Beach Flordia before the cruise, we boarded the ship, got settled in, and went to the top to watch the launch. That was fun. I love the water, and moving out to sea on a large ship is fun as far as the boat goes…. not my cup of tea but going to make the best of it. I got the soda drink package and not the alcohol cause I don’t particularly appreciate drinking that much in unfamiliar places.

The Port

The first port was Nassau; we arrived the following day; once off the ship walked around the tourist area. I visited the Pirate Museum, which was very overrated. We walked around the city and saw the place. I ventured to the Queen’s Staircase and Fort, which was excellent. I loved all the buildings and houses. The views were amazing. The staircase named to celebrate the 65 years of Queen Victoria’s rule, these limestone stairs flanked by a waterfall are an important landmark in the nation’s capital.

As we headed back to the dock, we started to look for food, and google maps pointed us out to some touristy places. Kelly spots a local on road waiting for something, and asked him about whats best. He points at a door in a ally behind us, and says thats the best, great food that were locals go. Hey, either gonna get some good food or get rolled, eithere way its all a experiance LOL. OMMFG. score. We walk in this tiny place with a couple people sitting at the 3 or 4 tables and sit at the bar.

We ordered the redfish and waited, waited, and waited, LOL. One lady ran this place in the back and was backed up but sweet. We got the food, and wow, it was so fricken good. Weeks since we left, I still crave it; it will stop there again.

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