My Scuba Diving Gear List & Breakdown

My Scuba Diving Gear List & Breakdown

So been wanting to get a gear list up. I’m swapping stuff out a lot, so things change but I like this setup for now. I buy most of my stuff second-hand and repair and rebuild them myself. People say Scuba Diving is expensive, but it’s not. You just have to know how to get what you need, you don’t need new just maintained. Having a good understanding of your equipment and how to maintain it is key in my opinion. I am not an expert and don’t claim to be but knowledge of your gear is a priority if you dive a lot.

My Scuba Diving Gear List & Breakdown

Mask/Snorkel – Sherwood Oracle Mask ($100) & Scuba Choice Silicone Roll-up Nautilus Snorkel ($30)

BCD – AQUALUNG MALIBU BCD ($150) with ScubaPro Air2 ($75)

Regulator – Mares Abyss ($75)

Computer – Suunto Cobra ($100)

Fins – Zeagle Recon ($200)

Wetsuits – 2mm Shorty ($40) and 3mm Full ($60)


I dive with 8-10lbs fresh water and 10-15lbs salt water. When I travel I take everything except my tanks and weights, it all fits nicely in my suitcase. I keep all my gear in a tote so I can just through it in the car when I head to the lake. I like it simple and nothing fancy.

I do have plans to find a Pelican Case for travel. Feel free to comment and share your gear or recommendations, or have any questions.

Should I get some split fins? LOL Let me know some of your favorite dive spots. Im always looking for new spots to add to my list. I hoping to get a few more spots added next year. I plan on going back to Egypt next year again since I lost 2 day of time time due to weather.

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