PADI Rescue Diver Completion

PADI Rescue Diver Completion

This weekend at the lake, I got to finish up my PADI Rescue Diver Cert, this weekend at the lake. I started it in Oct of 2021 and had to wait out the winter. The first dive of the year at the quarry was good but cold. First dive I only had my 3mm full wetsuit on, and had to put on my 2mm shorty on the next ones. That warmed up my core pretty well, water temp at 15ft was 54f, 69f on the surface.

PADI Rescue Diver Completion

I completed all my RD dives on Saturday, and fun dived Sunday. Since my girlfriend was completing her OW. I plan to get a couple more specialties with PADI and get Master Scuba Diver then pop over to SSI and get my Dive Master since my LDS switched.

On to take my next specialties, Nitrox, Equipment Specialist, Dry-Suit, & Search & Recovery. Then I will be able to apply for MSD. No, I don’t need all these certs but the training is fun, and learn new things. I like to dive and learn or do something while in the water.

I think I got my gear all set up the way I like it, still working on a few little things. I will post up my gear list and cost soon. I buy most of my stuff used and I do rebuild most of it myself. I find knowing my gear down to the smallest bit. It helps me in and out of the water with issues and having redundancy is a must.

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