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I found this on OfferUp, a 2002 Ford E450 Diesel 7.3 Horton Ambulance. Plans are a full off-grid camper tiny home Conversion. I used to do these 70s-era Volkswagen Camper busses; those have gotten way out of control on prices. So following on my list was a meat wagon; I have always wanted to do one, and this will be fun. I do all the work myself.

Whats the plan?

I plan to gut out everything I down need or use. I am staring at the bench seat and wire harness. I want to start cleaning with the wiring and run everything. I will make it easy to access, repair, and modify as needed. The electrical system will be 12 volts, mainly with a very limited 110v.

I’m configuring a solar system to run 800w to 1200w of panels. These will charge 200-300AH of batteries. In addition, I have a 2000w inverter that will be on a limited switch for rare occasions.

The kitchen will have a Stove and oven, as I like to bake some. A small sink with running water may be hot and cold. I want a Camplux 2.64 GPM Tankless Propane Water Heater, not Camplux 2.64 GPM Tankless Propane Water Heater and not a tank.

Plans for the bus are for a complete conversion. It will have lots of Solar, composting toilets, a shower, a full kitchen, a full-size bed, and a work desk. I’m rewiring the box altogether. I do this on a limited budget and use lots of used stuff when possible. I’m a thrift store and yard sale hunter, so I don’t mind used stuff and can fix most anything.

The Ford chassis is a little rusty but not horrible. I can remove the box and swap it if need be. I wanted the large Horton box. I wish it were complete but hey, It’s a project.

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