B-17G Flying Fortress Texas Raiders – Commemorative Air Force St Joseph, MO

After 30 years of wanting the fly on a B-17. I checked it off my bucket list today it was amazing and well worth the money to keep these awesome planes in the air. The crew is amazing and the plane is better than expected.

Deciding to do it

So I bought my ticket the week before and checked the weather report to make sure it was good, was scheduled to be a nice day. We left the house around 7:30 am on Sat, the flight was at 10:00 am and had an hour and a half drive. They wanted people there at 9 am and got in at about 845. Kansas City International Airport reported planes circling due to the low cloud ceiling. So I was a little worried and hoped the sun would pop out soon.

When I got into St Joe, and it was still very foggy. After the crew got in and we briefed about the weather and did the safety briefing. And now the wait……….

I took time, lots of time to see the other planes the Commemorative Air Force had on display, the AT-5, B-25, B-29, and B-17. It’s always cool seeing them. The time the guy put into them to keep them up in the air. HOURS later I worried about canceling the flight and after about 1 or 2 they got the go-ahead. WOOT.

Was it worth it?

Well was it worth the wait and $495…? YES. I regret nothing and hope to do it again. B-25 and some fighters will be next. The Commemorative Air Force is a voluntary organization and always needs support to keep these planes flying. It helps people to see and learn the history behind them. If you have them coming to a town near you. Go pay an entrance fee buy some gear, and take a ride. I had my 2 kids watch Memphis Bell the night before and they like the movie. It gave them a better idea of the plane and what it did. I think that will stay with them better.

Check out The Commemorative Air Force to help support them and learn about what they do.

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