Tulum Ruins Archaeological Zone, Mexico

Tulum Ruins Archaeological Zone, Mexico

While at Grand Bahia Principe Coba, we scheduled an excursion to the Tulum Ruins Archaeological Zone to see the site and markets. It is just down the road a bit and didn’t want to go all day to go to the larger one, can do that next time.

I hate doing the tourist tour of a place, following a guide and such so after we were in the park we ditched the tour and looked around. The views are nice from the cliff looking over the ocean, and other than the people was a nice place.

Tulum Ruins Archaeological Zone, Mexico

So after about 40 minutes made our way to the market out front and looked around and bought some trinkets. Then sat around waiting for the tour to meet back up at 11:45 am. After that, we stopped at a brewery and we just sat outside and waited neither cared about beer LOL. For a quick day trip, it worked well, we left at 9 am and got back at 1 pm. But next time I think I’ll just cab it and do my own thing. I don’t like the resort life, makes me feel like cattle LOL. I’m not a Spanish speaker but my partner is so the trip has been easy on me.

What next….

Tomorrow I’m heading back to the beach, I need some more salt before I head home. I would have liked to get more diving in but it was a great time. Traveling with my current gear has been very easy, and love not having to rent gear. The next trip up here will be all Cancun, and all diving. I do more of an inland trip later to see the pyramid and ruins. I’m looking forward to Peru soon as well.

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