Visit to NASA Johnson Space Center

Visit to NASA Johnson Space Center

Stopped at the Johnson Space Center on the way back from Galveston. It was cool but not that cool LOL, for $30+$5 parking, it was not that exciting. I think it’s great to take the kids to, and lots to see and do for them. I did get a shirt and a few stickers LOL. There were so many people I think that was my major turn-off. I don’t like crowds and this place was packed.

The Main Event

Walking in you start to see everything thing all sectioned out. The shops and food court, the different areas and topics. The displays and info were fun to walk around and see as I shuffled through people.

Saturn V was awesome

Ok the highlight for me was seeing the Saturn V rocket system. The magnitude of it was great. Learning the function and deployment of each section and seeing them puts it into perspective.

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