Experience the Wonders of Egypt: Travel Guide to Cairo, Giza, and the Red Sea

Introduction: Embark on an unforgettable journey to Egypt and immerse yourself in its rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and unparalleled underwater adventures. This comprehensive travel guide will help you make the most of your trip, covering essential attractions, accommodations, and diving experiences in Cairo, Giza, and the Red Sea.

Cairo Tour: Exploring Giza Pyramids, Egyptian Museum, Sphinx, Bazaar, and Camel Ride

To make the most of my one day in Cairo, I booked a private tour through TripAdvisor called “All-inclusive trip Giza Pyramids, Egyptian Museum, Sphinx, Bazaar, Camel Ride” for $100. It was a fantastic experience.

Egyptian Museum

A private driver picked me up at my hotel and took me to meet my knowledgeable and easy-going tour guide at the Pyramids. The guide accompanied me throughout the day and called the driver whenever we needed transportation. At the end of the day, they dropped me off at my hotel.

Accommodations: La Passage Hotel, Cairo

La Passage Hotel is an excellent choice for your stay in Cairo. They provide shuttle services to and from the airport and have multiple on-site restaurants. While the buffet offers a decent selection of dishes, the food in Egypt tends to be a bit bland for those who enjoy spice and flavor. The hotel staff is friendly and accommodating.

Marsa Shagra Village: Red Sea Diving Safari

The Marsa Shagra Village Resort is a delightful destination for diving enthusiasts. Upon arrival at Marsa Alam International Airport, I was shuttled to the resort and checked into my reserved hut. Opting for a hut instead of a tent proved to be a wise choice due to the fluctuating weather conditions.

Hut 1

The huts are clean and comfortable, with two beds, electricity, and a fan, but no heating or air conditioning. Shared bathrooms and showers are available in a separate building. The food at the resort is satisfactory, although it could use more variety and seasoning.

Dive Center: Red Sea Diving Safari

After checking into the dive center and renting the necessary gear, I attended an orientation class covering the basics of diving in the area. The resort offers unlimited shore dives, as long as you have a diving buddy. Unfortunately, I lost two of my four diving days to strong winds and cold weather.


On the final day, we managed to complete five dives, showcasing the stunning beauty of the Red Sea. The dive center is well-organized, with numbered lockers and a system for checking in and out for each dive. Tanks are readily available, making it easy to grab one, set up, and begin your underwater adventure.


Overall, my trip to Egypt was a resounding success, and I would love to return with a few modifications: a couple of days in Cairo with a private driver and six days at the resort. I learned a lot from this journey, and despite its long distance, the experience was well worth the effort.


Tips for a Memorable Egyptian Adventure:

  1. Obtain an Egyptian visa for $25 and save the PDF approval email.
  2. Bring a diving buddy or be prepared to ask around for one at the resort.
  3. Pack your preferred seasonings or condiments.
  4. Inform your bank of your travel plans and use ATMs for Egyptian Pounds.
  5. Budget for your trip accordingly (approximate total cost: $2922).

Happy travels, Travaddic

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